Wednesday, July 8, 2015

MERCH: Black Sage Supply - Rugged Vegan Workwear

Rugged Vegan Workwear
Owner and maker, Mandi, started her brand because of an attraction to the look and craftsmanship of heavy duty, hand-crafted, utilitarian goods. As a person who lives a vegan lifestyle she found few quality products that achieve that aesthetic without using leather or wool, so she started making her own.
Most of her items are constructed of American made waxed canvas, cotton straps, brass grommets, and copper rivets.  
You can purchase tool wraps, aprons, bags and more made in America by her two hands at the link above, or reach out to place a custom order.

Mandi herself, in one of her Rugged Cross Back work aprons. Later models have layered front pockets for more storage. Most Black Sage products come in black and forest green as well.
You can follow Black Sage Supply on Instagram here: Black Sage Supply

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  1. I like this work wear because it made of waxed canvas, but not with the help of leather or wool. I'm also a vegan,that' s why I prefer to treat with animals in a good way. I think it's good definition essay topics for discus. Because exists different points of view concerning the role of animals. Some people think that animals should be treated well because they have the same rights as human. Other people think that animals should be used for food,clothes and so on. I absolutely support Mandi's project.