Monday, April 18, 2011

PROJECT CX: prep, paint, and assembly

It's very rare I have a full weekend to spend in the garage. Between work, freelance, fixing the car and spending time with the girlfriend, it's often hard to find the time I want to spend. Luckily this past weekend I was able to convince the girlfriend to help me in the garage so....two birds.

All of Saturday was disassembly. We ran a few new cables, but otherwise it was all about removal.
About 8 hours of it.
Sunday I started making some forward progress. The day started with a can of Aircraft Stripper. That stuff is all kinds of awesome. Paint separates from the metal like oil and vinegar. My throats a bit groggy today from inhaling it, and metallic dust, but the pieces came out pretty good I think.

The initial goal was to re-paint them black, however I felt that the brushed finish fit more with the overall feel of the bike.

Next I disassembled the forks for a rebuild, cleaned them up, and hit them with some satin black paint.

The Posh grips I picked up are transparent, so the underlying color can cause the grip color to vary. To prevent this from happening, I sprayed the throttle and bar end to match.

I chose gray instead of black because I wanted to keep the grips a bit lighter so they popped more.

Here's the current state of the bike...and my mangled garage. Next steps will be to clean that place up a bit. I'm the kind of person who like's working in a heap of tools and parts.


  1. Amazing build. How did you clean up those ford lowers so well? What was your process?

  2. this is the same 'anonymous' as above...
    I meant "fork" lowers :)

  3. Just some sand paper to smooth everything out. I think I hit it with 240 first then 320 before paint.

  4. must have hit it hard! thx!

  5. Hi! I've just found out about this blog and it's really nice, thanks! Maybe I've missed it somewhere, but could you tell me have you been outsourcing all the paint stuff? If not, could you tell me what have you used?