Thursday, March 1, 2012

PROJECT SR: Shifter Re-Design

I'm currently enrolled in fabrication classes at a local tech school after hours. The amount of amazing machinery I have at my disposal is worth the money alone, but on top of that I have an instructor with 40+ years of experience and all free materials. The past couple of weeks I decided to start a new class project: re-designing the foot controls.

I started out sketching up some ideas. They're mostly just for aesthetic purposes. This build won't be a cafe, so rear-sets aren't necessary. Below is the first half of my shifter redesign progress.

I had used a mill before in college, but had since forgotten how fun it was. This made the interior hole a cake walk.

Carbide de-burring tool. Pretty neat.

The form starts to take shape. The design I'm going with is just under the binding. Stock shifter to the right.

The bends are matched and I started roughly adding a bevel to the outer edge with a bench grinder.

Cleaned up the bevels with a file.
There, now it's on the internet so I have to try extra hard not to F it up next class.


  1. I need to get in a class like this! Love the sketches and thought process put into the design prior.

  2. Likewise I would love to get in a class like this, but here in ATL places that offer these classes are a needle in a haystack...Nice job on the shifter!