Tuesday, July 14, 2015

GEAR: From Tanks To Leathers - Laura of HILO Project

From Tanks to Leathers
Laura of HILO Project

As a rider for almost 3 years, I know comfort is key to both enjoyment and safety. I must admit I never really took that too seriously. A tank top and heeled boots is what I considered my “gear” for summer riding days.
When packing for a ride across Vietnam with the HILO Project crew, appropriate gear was never on the front burner. You’d think it would be a priority after seeing pictures of the most insane traffic in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, but I found more important things to pack. I wanted to make sure I looked good on the bike and there just wasn’t much more to consider.
When REV’IT was kind enough to outfit me for the ride, I was ecstatic. From day one on the road, my view on gear and riding in general had changed. With that being said, I didn’t just keep up with the boys in Vietnam, I held my own-much due in part to the gear. Let’s start with the Women’s Gear 2 Leather Pants. They did wonders. I wore them for nearly 14 days straight and every single morning they fit like a glove. Comfortable in every climate from 55F to 105F and they always seemed to breathe. The removable waterproof liner came in handy when dealing with the short, and sometimes 100+ miles long, stints of rain while heading North. They constantly kept me dry and feeling confident on mostly sketchy roads.
Having never been a fan of armor prior to this trip, I came to understand the importance as I had the urge to drag a knee every now and then. The ProLife ladies CE protection at the knees was amazing, with a little bit of foam protection at the hips as well.  Again, this allowed me to take some of the steepest and sharpest curves with confidence and, not to mention, enjoy the hell out of them.
It’s probably hard to imagine that these pants actually look good. They do. The combination of Monaco Performance cowhide, Dynax mesh, and suede leather are beautiful and, in my opinion, a bit sexy.  The adjustable straps at the waist and perfect leg width for a nice boot makes these pants hard to pass up.
When paired with the Roamer Leather Jacket and Rodeo Boots, the Gear 2 Leather Pants gave me style, comfort, and safety. A trio I will now look for in all future purchases.
Decked in REV’IT from head to toe, I had the confidence to thoroughly enjoy the unbelievable landscape surrounding me throughout our ride. It allowed me to push my limits and believe in the bike, which was fun because we had a fleet of Ducatis at our disposal.  
Big lesson learned: gear is sexy.  

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