Friday, February 17, 2012

PROJECT SR: Starter Refresh

This past week I've been pretty busy on the R65, but since I got the SR's starter rebuild kit in... I really couldn't resist getting into it. It's been like Christmas every day here at my day job. The boxes keep flowing in and I have tiny excitement fits where I have trouble breathing and can't stop shaking.


  1. what kind of attachment is it that you are using to clean the case? looks like a wire brush, but can't quite tell. If so, is it stainless steel? Are you using a polishing compound?

  2. also, what is the green paper you're using at the bottom of the starter?
    Shots look great by the way.

    1. Ben,

      It's just a regular wire brush attachment you can find at home depot. No compound. I finished the case in a matte clear coat, so the green paper is actually painters tape to protect from over spray.

  3. Thanks David. Normally not a huge polisher, but really like the look it gives. Mostly thinking that it may be good for cleaning up gasket mating surfaces (as long as the wire brush is soft enough that it won't mar the metal).

  4. David.
    Where did you track down a starter rebuild kit?