Friday, March 9, 2012

PROJECT SR: Cease the Mobs! Tank Captured!

It took a few months to finally track one down, but we are finally finding ourselves successful in the hunt for a 60's CD175 tank.

Oh, glorious bounty!

I was pretty surprised to find out the tunnel is actually of a usable size and draped right over the frame with good clearance for wiring. I'll still need to fab up some new mounting points, but nothing too serious. As for it's condition, it's better then I expected, but still has some dents and dings that will need to be resolved. All in all I'm very pleased. Now we can make some progress on the frame.

Oh, and I guess I haven't officially mentioned this yet, but it'll be going on the SR.


  1. Nice work man, this is really looking nice.

  2. Glad you found the tank. Do you know where to find a front master cylinder for a cx500? I have been googling all day.

  3. What are you going to be doing for the tank badge? I know that I have seen the circular Yamaha tuning fork badges. Are you going that route or do you have something else in mind? Pretty excited to see the finished product and love the updates.