Thursday, October 13, 2011

CX500's: Triple Bypass Surgery

I know there are a good amount of CX500 owners that follow this blog, so I'd like to share this wealth of information. I'm pretty sure the cam chain or tensioner went on the CX last night. It still runs, so I'm hoping the damage isn't too significant.

Regarding the issue, I was linked to a post titled, The Triple Bypass thread, by a fellow member of

It's a running list of part numbers with the associated items that should be replaced when heart-surgery-style issues arise. If you've got a CX, I'd recommend bookmarking it.


  1. If it was the cam chain, it wouldn't run.

    Is there just a loud rattle coming from the motor?

  2. It sounds like the tensioner let go or lost tension. Rattling coming from the engine. Timing sounds off. Exhaust pulse variation does not sound normal. I'll crack her open soon and try to figure it out.

    She's got 26k on her, so it's time to do the chain and associated items anyhow.

  3. anyway you could photo doc the process as you do it? I've got a CX500 too, and have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to have to get into this one day.

  4. Yea, I'll try to remember to do this. I won't be getting to it for a couple months since I'll be abroad.

    According to the manual, it should be at least checked at 20k. I bought mine at 26k and I'm guessing the P.O. hadn't checked it at 20k.