Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DAILY INSPIRATION: 1981 Moto Guzzi 850T4 by JMKL Handmade

1981 Moto Guzzi 850T4

Almost exactly one year ago, this blog featured a stunning set of Moto Guzzi renderings by a graphic designer who gos by JMKL Handmade. Since then Joan Miguel Orga, the designer behind those renderings, has been very busy getting his hands dirty breathing life into the 2D images. The accuracy at which he was able to bring his vision into the third dimension is stunning. One should also note that this was his first build.

The Wrenchmonkees decal adorning the stripped tank is no mistake. Joan Miguel had the unique opportunity of apprenticing under the Denmark builders.
"For me it has been a dream, building my Guzzi at the Wrenchmonkees with my hands, and with their advice and help. Incredible!"
The Wrenchmonkee's influence can be seen in the fit and (distressed) finish of the details - an aesthetic that flows seamlessly with JMKL's initial vision. The outcome is truly stunning and I'm always thrilled to see another designer take the extra steps to bring their creativity from the screen to the pavement. I hope to see more from JMKL in the future.


  1. Any idea who makes that headlight shroud? I remember a near identical one on a ducati pantah on bikeexif.

    1. The front headlight bucket is a JVB part that was modified to bridge the gap between the triple trees.

  2. Hey man I'm trying to do that look to my tank do you know what he put on his tank to keep it from rusting? Thanks and this blog is sweet btw.