Monday, December 30, 2013

DAILY INSPIRATION: "Moon" Yamaha XS650 - Thrive Motorcycles

Yamaha XS650

In your head, try and picture a wood burning stove. What are the elements that stand out the most? What color do you picture it being? What surface texture? What materials? Now think about the details. What type of handle does it have? What do the hinge mechanisms look like? How are the feet treated? 
 The phrase "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" defines how difficult it can be to design to someone else's vision. We all see the world slightly different and our personalities lead us to pick up on different aspects along the way. That's why when someone tells you to build a motorcycle based on a wood burning stove it's important to understand what the hell they see in that as a source of inspiration. In the design field you learn to get really good at extracting exactly what someone means when they throw out the phrase, "Make it look more like ____." That skill is what prevents you from presenting a cone at the next meeting when the client meant a pyramid. When the guys at Thrive MC heard the words "Yamaha XS650" and "wood burning stove" they set to work plotting out the elements that would bring these two very different machines into one harmonious artifact.