Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DAILY INSPIRATION: '78 Puch Pinto Custom

1978 Puch Pinto
Ryan Ries
Sacramento, CA

Quoted from the builder:
65cc metra kit 
Proma circuit pipe
21mm oko carb (its a spot on clone of a kiehin D-slide) with a brand new K&N air filter
Heavily modified 3 shoe clutch with brace
Powdercoat on everyTHANG
Brand new tires 

"This motor once hit 62mph with a different pipe. my goal was to hit 65mph on 65cc but i got distracted and sold my other expansion chamber. the motor is a fucking tank. they dont make those metrakits like they used to."

It might not have a shifter, but I'd still be proud to own this.


  1. 65 on that frame/fork combo is pure terror. I know, Ive hit 53 in chicago and feeling of going that fast on a frame that small makes you want to upgrade real quick

  2. There's another guy in Chicago that I've talked to who runs a 110cc Puch that he claims will do 90mph. It's about the same size. Just as terrifying.