Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Husqy570: Update 7 - Radiator Guard

I went back and forth a lot on the radiator mount design for the 570. The bike is a blend between modern and vintage so coming to a design that fit the rest of the aesthetic was difficult. As much as I wanted to do some 80's inspired fiberglass fairing work, in the end it just made the front end look too bulky. The radiator is a big piece as it is so the mount and guard had to be as light and minimal as possible while still offering protection.
I quickly mocked up all the mounting points and surrounding parts in CAD to get a better idea of the design in 3D before going forward. Here's what I came up with digitally.

I sent the die lines of the center guard and mounting brackets over to get water jet out of 11G stainless then began bending up the perimeter piece. I used 1/2" solid T304 round bar in a manual bar bender. 

I went through a decent amount of bends before getting to the point above where everything lined up. Downside was it was a lot of sections that would need to be welded up and filed smooth. After the 3rd attempt I knew the tolerance of the bender well enough to do it all out of one main piece and a small connecting piece. Two welds, much easier than 4.

Welded up and filed smooth. 

The last bend took some custom jigging to get right. A little MAP gas and some leverage ...

and she fits.

Welded in the rear brackets and painted them along with Mishimoto radiator. Polished the round bar and glass blasted the center section. Here it is at the One Moto Show.

Photo by Jason McGinnity

Photo by Sean Donahue

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