Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GEAR: Biltwell is Making a DOT Vintage Full Face!

This just in: Biltwell is currently working on their "Gringo" helmet. It will be a vintage styled, full face, DOT approved god send!

"Here's another sneak peek of our "Gringo" full face helmet. This is the actual shell—not a solid sample mockup as featured in earlier teasers. Yes it will be DOT. Yes it will have snaps for a flat screen and yes those snaps will also accept classic MX visors and Biltwell bubble shields if that's your thing. Expect availability in early 2013 in XS through XXL sizes. Colors TBD."
- Biltwell


  1. So the darker mustard color on the inside of the helmet is an insert for display. I was getting freaked out by the shadows and glares it was causing, and then was more confused when the text said it was not a solid form - it may be too early in the day for me to be looking at things like this!

    1. Chuck, it's the fiberglass shell. That's what gets painted. It doesn't have any features cut out yet (i.e. button holes) or guts obviously.

    2. Hehe - I think it was a case of me looking for what I thought I was supposed to see - interior shadows and highlights that corresponded to finished helmet shell. Our brains perception of reality is pretty crazy!

  2. i wana see side by side with bell star.