Tuesday, March 12, 2013

PARTS: Sunline V1 MDX Flex Levers

V1 MDX Flex Levers

It was a struggle to not put these under the "Art & Design" tag because they're so beautiful. You'll first notice the abundance of adjustability. Yes, you can dial in your precise angle, but the real functional advantage here is crash resistance. MX racer and inventor Vince Warren came up with the idea of a multiple hinge design to prevent the bikes levers from breaking in a mid race fall. Vince passed away before seeing his design to fruition but the torch was carried on by his mother. For every V1 MDX lever sold a portion of the proceeds gos to The Vince Warren Estate. To top it all off, the levers come in an array of gorgeous colors and finishes.



  1. Think it's possible to mount these to a vintage bike? Would love to do something like this on my GS750 but the mounting looks like it's be a chore.

  2. It looks as though they hinge just like a normal brake lever, but with the added benefit of an additional hinge in the opposite direction.

    Is the material it's made out of any different? i.e. does it snap with the same force as a standard lever?