Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PROJECT SR250: Exhaust Hanger

The hanger we originally made for the exhaust ended up interfering with the rear brake actuation so we decided to go a different route. As with anything else, the second time around usually yields better results. We decided to make the hanger more of an aesthetic element. Prior it was a simple flat plate bracket that was barely visible. 

We started out with some 26G galvanized steel. I really like roughing things out in this material because its cheap, you can cut it with shears, and bend it with your bare hands. It's also strong enough to hold it's form and later be used as a template. It's great for quick and dirty mock ups.

After that I traced the 26G onto a small sheet of 16G steel, cut it out, matched the angles and bolted it up to check clearances. I used a sharpie to make some notes on the work piece while it was fixed, then took it down to make the alterations. I probably did this a few times before I was happy with the fitment. The 26G will get you close but there's always refinement.

Here she is, still in a raw state but the exhaust is officially mounted now with adequate clearances all around.

The next step will be designing a small heat shield which will be welded to the bent edge of the hanger we just made. After that we'll refine the piece a bit more, round off some edges and ad the final touches. More to come!

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