Tuesday, May 22, 2012

EBAY: Beezerker Cafe Racer Up for Auction!

Remember this ridiculously awesome Beezerker custom by Speed Shop Design?
Well now it can be yours. It's up on eBay and the starting bid is $57,450


  1. If this ends up selling for that it makes me feel like it's not so unrealistic to sell several sub 10K bikes per year. Maybe I'm dreaming though

    1. Agree, in a way. Selling only several sub 10k bikes won't be enough to live off of, so that means they're "spare time" builds. Once you start pricing out what all your spare time is worth to you, it can get expensive.

  2. I feel ya Ian. Been creating my own frankensteined street bikes lately from junkyard writeoffs. Hope to keep up with demand as gas continues to rise. I cant build em fast enough, but then again, Im not greedy woth the proffit margins so it always is a great deal for the buyer.