Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PROJECT CX: A Bumpy Road to Recovery

Well, since the CX was knocked over 2 months ago, it's been a hell of a trip trying to get things back in order. The main issue being the shop I went through, Chewie's Motorbikes Chicago, to get a repair quote. The quote itself took 2 weeks to get. Since then, I had purchased a new tank from this shop and had them take care of the paint work, via their bodyshop, Duran's Autobody.

Well, it's been a VERY pain staking 2 months trying to get the bike back from paint, but I have word (not that their word means a damn thing to me anymore) that the bike will be returned to me this evening.

Below is a screen shot of my Yelp review of the whole experience.

My box of repair and replacement parts that have been waiting to go on the bike is overflowing at this point and has been sitting on my desk at work for months now. The summer's burning away, I just want my bike back already.

I never like other people working on my vehicles, and this is case in point.
Trust no one. Do it yourself if you want it done right, because no one care's about your bike like you do.

UPDATE: Well, they pushed it back an extra day, and when I went to pick it up, there was no gas in it. My full tank miraculously disappeared. BUT, the paint looks great, and the bike is finally back in my possession. It felt great just to ride it back, the 0.4 miles, to work. Now I sit at my desk and anxiously await blasting around the city post 6pm.

I still need to finish up the new muffler, re-wrap the exhaust, replace the dented headlight and levers, and replace some odds and ends - then she should be done for a while. And more importantly, ready for a full photoshoot.


  1. Man, what a nightmare. I was crushed (no pun intended) to hear what happened to your bike. I started following your progress on your bike as i was just beginning to restore my cx 500 at the same time. I know when finished it will be even better than before. good luck.

  2. This bike has been a big learning process, so being forced to do things over a second time means it will be that much easier. ...but I need the bike back to do these things.

  3. I feel you there. My bike was in the shop for almost 4 months. The project was just too much for the shop and their mechanic/boss broke his wrist during that time so things couldn't progress.

    In the end, I got rid of that bike. It was just too needy.

    But you should post up tutorials and how to. That would be awesome.

  4. what kind of headlight is that?