Friday, July 22, 2011

OFF-TOPIC-FRIDAY: My favorite VW hands down.

Years ago, when I was living and attending school in Detroit, I met a guy by the name of Ben. At the time I was full blown into old school VW's - which is how I ended up meeting Ben in the first place. Mutual VW friends, yadda yadda... Back then he was wrapping up his big turbo 16v-T Corrado, which was a hell of a show stopper even in progress mode. His roommate Matt was also building up a 1.8t GT35rs Scirocco. It was a cool house to tour around in to say the least.

Later on in life, after I moved away to Chicago, Ben took on a different project. 
It was a VW Caddy, and it's by far my favorite VW to date.

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