Monday, July 18, 2011

DAILY INSPIRATION: Tricana Motorcycles Guzzi 750 cafe

Jonathan Natário, out of Coimbra, Portugal, has recently released the first complete build from his start up shop Tricana Motorcycles. They're so new, they don't even have a website yet.

"Tricana Motorcycles it's a recent project focused on the design and manufacturing of custom motorcycles such as Café Racers and Street Tracker."

"The name was inspired in Coimbra's XVIII century typical women the 'Tricana'. "

It's been great to see the custom motorcycle scene evolving into a more cohesive field, incorporating more current forms of marketing and design into the realm of motorcycle art. Tricana Motorcycles looks to be getting off on the right foot, and I'm eager to see where they take it.


  1. E...S...P...E...C...T...A...C..U...L...A...R!!!
    Cor bonita... linhas simplistas...banco bem original...e ainda por cima Italiana!!!
    É bonito ver as "Oldschool" regressarem ás estradas novamente!
    Que te dê muito prazer andar nela!

  2. gah, wear some pants dude.