Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PROJECT CX: teaser

I've been rather busy the past couple days, so here's a bit of a teaser on where the CX build is at.

More detailed photos to come soon. Next week is Upholstery Week. Rejoice.


  1. I'm confused. Did you cut off a part of the frame here? And is that the baseplate for your seat? And did you say you had someone else make it for you?

  2. Sorry, when I said "I've been busy the past couple days," I meant in relation to the lack of blog posts at the time, not the work above.

    This is the work of Tony at Analog Motorcycles. I'm still going through welding classes, so didn't trust myself with it just yet.

    Yes the frame has been chopped. The thin metal is the seat pan to be upholstered. Under it, there is a much thicker support plate that has been welded between the seat frame rails.

  3. I'm having trouble finding seats like yours. Specifically, I mean small, flat, and long. You designed yours; would that be the only way to get a seat similar? Is there a name for them that i just don't know?

    (similar to this too)

  4. how did you create the base of the saddle?

  5. WHat kind of rear fender did you put on the bike? and i have yet to see a pic of the bike from the you have any pics of the back and what you did with the tail light and license bracket?

  6. Trey, the rear fender is a chopped up Goldwing fender. The tail light at plate bracket are bolted to the rear fender. You can find that assembly at Dime City Cycles.

    1. Is that the rear goldwing fender?

  7. Dave, is there any possibility of posting a top view pic of the frame without the seat on? I think there are prob several of us that are trying to figure out to get the fitment correct, and a pic of the fab work would help a "ton." (pun INtended)