Wednesday, December 16, 2015

HUSQY570: Update 03

It's been a spell. I broke my wrist on a minor low side and have been out of the shop for months. Looks like this Husqy just got promoted to winter project. The cast is off so it's time to get back at it.

The Vintage CR360 tank interferes with the stock radiators so a new Mishimoto unit will take their place. We made a cage to relocate the radiator up front and incorporate the PIAA halogens. To protect the radiator I had the idea to chop up an HVAC panel for it's louvers.
After it was all said and done everything just looked too frail. The metal louvers were too thin and warped under tacking. The bracket rod we used looked too thin. I'm going to be scraping this and redesigning it to be a bit more robust and integrated.

The suspension came back from MX Tech. They made a set of custom springs for the forks, rebuilt and revalved them to be 4" shorter. The rear was also rebuilt accordingly. That yellow spring is pretty horrendous so that will be getting powdercoated. 
Here's the big issue I'm dealing with right now. I've found out that the TE570 triple clamps are closer together than the SM570R version. Which means the wide 17's aren't working out. This Shinko 705 front (120/90-17) is rubbing the fork tubes. I've since tried a less chunky tire - Heidenau K73 (120/70-17) which BARELY sneaks in there ...

That's just too close for comfort. I'm tracking down a set of SMR triple clamps now. Those should get me another 15mm between the tubes. Good thing I hate the radiator mounting bracket.
Test mounted the new braking hardware as well. 320mm front rotor upgrade from EBC with rebuilt and powdercoated Brembo calipers front and back. 

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