Monday, June 22, 2015

DAILY INSPIRATION: Custom Honda CX500 by One Down Four Up

1979 Honda CX500

Here's a nice clean modest build from the ODFU crew out of NorCal. The bike was a commissioned project for a first time rider. Sure I may be biased, but I too think the CX500 is a great first bike for novice riders. They're built like tanks, share most of their parts across multiple Honda platforms and have enough power that you won't grow out of any time soon. ODFU did a great job of giving attention to areas with the most visual impact. Spoked wheels aren't something you'll see very often on these models since they require modification of the shaft drive rear hub. The kinked subframe of the CX is always an area of struggle for customization so the stamped section was cut out. Tube frame was grafted in for a much cleaner look. I know there are a lot of CX riders that follow this blog so here's a bit more about the modifications in detail: 
  • New rear subframe from the backbone back
  • 19" CB750 Spoke Front
  • 18" Spoke Conversion on Rear
  • Coker Diamond Tread Tires
  • Custom Leather Seat with matching Leather Grips
  • Engine is mostly stock with a tune-up
  • Gas Tank Swap
  • Hidden Electronics
  • Custom 2-1 Exhaust with Cone Engineering Muffler
  • K&N Filters
  • EMGO Bars 


  1. Does anyone know where the tank comes from? I really like' hoe slim it is

    1. I think this is an old 70's yamaha xs400 tank. And looking it up it only holds .1 of a gallon less fuel than the deluxe tank. Considering my tank has a giant dent in the back I'm might to switch to one of these.

  2. Which year of cb750 wheel did you use?