Monday, January 26, 2015


Had some fun with the new Ducat Scrambler this past weekend on a shoot for Iron & Air. The next issue will feature the 2015 Scrambler, an original 1968 Scrambler and Analog Motorcycle's newest build ...which, yes, is also a custom Scrambler. Have I said the word enough yet? Does it still have any meaning?

I only got to take the new Scrambler around the block a couple times in wet 28 degree weather so it's difficult to give a proper review of the bike. I can however tell you that the thing is PUNCHY. Very punchy. And also that there's no traction control :) The bike's got great power and is pretty accomodating for a wide range of rider sizes. I'm 6'3" so the leg area was a bit cramped. I'd be willing to make some sacrifices to make it work though ...namely to the subframe. 

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