Thursday, October 30, 2014

DAILY INSPIRATION: An Bu's Monster Yamaha XS650 SP

Yamaha XS650 SP

Japanese locals, An-Bu, built this menace for the 2013 Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show. The Base model is a Yamaha XS650 however the displacement has been punched out to 750cc. Power was also stepped up in the form of a decked head to increase compression along with a bigger cam. The custom exhaust is full stainless that snakes back to a JET muffler. An Bu says the power is straight monsterous, thus deserving its name.

17" front and rear wheels off a Yamaha XJR were retrofitted and braking was upgraded to meet the excess power. The front got dual Gurimeka calipers while the rear sports a new Brembo unit. The bike sports lots of machine drilled out custom brackets and cases to save on weight. 

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