Thursday, August 21, 2014

DAILY INSPIRATION: "Mr. Green" Moto-Guzzi V7 by Macco Motors

Mr. Green
2008 Moto-Guzzi V7
Photos by Sergio Ibarra

Custom bikes with minimal modifications that produce a dramatic result are some of my favorite. In my eyes it's very akin to the sumi-e philosophy of visualizing your piece in the least amount of brush strokes. It's design efficiency at it's finest. This Moto-Guzzi V7 is a great representation of that philosophy. Here's Jose from Macco Motors on what went into his visualization of Mr. Green.

"The story of this Guzzi has a lot of kilometers behind it, because David (the owner) and his girl used to travel on it several times a year all over Europe. We built a new subframe but kept a two-up seat, thinner and a bit shorter than the stock one. We improved the rear suspension with Hagon Nitro progressive shocks 1 cm lower than stock, put progressive Hagon springs in front, and lowered the front suspension. A 12V DC output located in the new Rizoma handlebar was placed in order to be used with a GPS device. Black Biltwell Kung Fu grips and short clutch and brake levers with a Bates style headlight and a KOSO speedometer complete the front look. We finished the black front suspension forks with Triumph gaiters and adhesive black rubber belt around the upper side. Mini turn signal lights and new tiny rear light."

"Before the new painting, and in order to accommodate the new seat and paint scheme, we needed to work the fuel tank and the left side panel with fiber glass to cover the stock holes. We worked on the stock mudguards rear and front, cutting and reworking them in fiber glass." Macco painted "the fuel tank, front suspension, mudguards, side panels (with the vintage V7 logo from the 60´s), rims, wheel hubs, rocker covers and other little parts. We mounted new tyres: Metzeler Tourance 140 rear and Dunlop F20 110 front and finished with megaphone exhaust and black pipes wrap."

·         Rizoma 22 mm handlebars
·         Short control racing style levers
·         Kung Fu Biltwelli grips
·         Single digital KOSO Speedometer
·         Bates headlight 5 ¾
·         DC 12v output
·         Mini turn signals
·         Tail light mini cat eye
·         Mudguards fiber glass work with standard Maccomotors
·         Fiber glass work in fuel tank and side panel
·         Tyres: Metzeler tourance 140 rear and dunlop 110 front
·         Progressive rear shocks Hagon Nitro
·         Progressive fork front springs Hagon
·         Subframe chopped
·         Seat Maccomotors
·         New paint Maccomotors
·         Bar end mirrors
·         Megaphone exhausts
·         Exhaust wrap pipes

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