Tuesday, May 27, 2014


The Honda CA95 Dream 150 build is chugging along smoothly. We came to the conclusion that the wiring on this thing was just way too simple. Honda didn't include turn signals on the 150cc model and the brake light is only activated by the rear brake foot pedal. This girl needed some 21st century modifications. The tired old selenium rectifier got tossed for a smaller more potent silicon unit from Oregon Motorcycle Parts. This will help increased battery charge from the internally regulated 6V system. 

The good dudes over at Prism Moto Co. sent us a set of their super rad 25 LED brake lights to use on the build. We modified the wiring system to have these also function as turn signals. Getting them to work properly with the increased functionality took some trial and error but the outcome was spot on. I'l try to post a DIY on this later. We also added a 1A USB charger so Lauren will be able to charge her phone in the side bags while riding. Both the USB charger and LED tails required 12V power to function so we needed to run a couple step up converters to get the job done. 

After bench testing the system we wrapped up the fresh harness, bolted all the components into the new stainless battery box, and snaked the wiring through the frame. The motor went back in the bike and all the components we reconnected. She's currently at super cranking status. Next we'll be working on fabbing up some new exhausts and mounting for the tail lights. Then we try to make the boom boom. 

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