Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DAILY INSPIRATION: Throttle Twisting Sunday - Jakarta

This rad photo set was sent over by the good dudes at Thrive MC. Back in March a bunch of local garages in Jakarta, Indonesia got together for a collective, and very eclectic, Sunday cruise. The purpose behind the ride was to battle the negative stereotype of M/C riders in Indonesia by throwing an all inclusive well mannered rally. 9 different groups participated with over 300 individual riders all donning their best behavior. 
"The tagline at this event "Sopan dijalan jangan arogan" means “Be Polite On The Road, Don’t Be A Jerk”. So all the riders must be agreed to do their best to respect the other road users, obey the road signs and traffic lights, no road blocking, no sirens, and so on."
 - Putra, Thrive MC

The amount of  creatively diverse machines participating in the rally is staggering. These photos are a great snapshot of the custom scene and styles of Jakarta. 

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