Friday, May 17, 2013

ART&DESIGN: The Interior Collection of Alketas Pazis

The Interior Collection of Alketas Pazis
Photos by Vangelis Paterakis
"Alketas Pazis is a design piece collector of all things Avant-Garde, items of all sorts of designs ranging from the styles of 1900s-1950s. He has an exquisite eye for picking out the truly magnificent pieces, his passionate about locating, rescuing and reclaiming industrial objects. With a vast and very exclusive collection of vintage furniture pieces in Greece, Pazis is very particular about where his pieces go and how they are displayed, having contributed to over 950 commercials and film productions. Even though every piece of item he owns has some personal sentimental value, Pazis recently made the decision to open up his collection as a trading house for vintage pieces and share his treasures with other Avant-Garde lovers."
-via Gessato


  1. Beautiful to be sure. Avant garde is not how I would express it though. I would say it is more an expression of stoicism. It could simply be that I am a PDX'er..