Monday, November 12, 2012

EVENT: Saturnalia Gallery Event - Norwich, UK

Here's a sweet event for you UK folks (blokes?) put on by Old Empire Motorcycles:

"The event is called ‘Saturnalia’ and the fundamentals behind it are simply to showcase the huge diversity of art and to take visitors back to the foundations upon which every art form is based; imagination and creation. The goal is to broaden peoples horizons on what interests them as well as showing the satisfaction gained by making something with your hands, which sadly seems to be a dying skill in the computer and internet age."
It's free admission and currently a non profit event to showcase local, both young and old photographers, painters, designers, musicians, bicycle builders, clothes designer, motorcycle builders and many more. Some of the current exhibitors are the likes of SideBurn and Davida, as we are trying to retain a motorcycle theme about the whole event although it is not essential."

Click the banner for more info.

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