Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DAILY INSPIRATION: RLX x Affinity Bicycles

for RLX Ralph Lauren


  1. LOL, ask any real bike enthusiast, this is straight up bike anti-porn. You could not put together a more poor designed bicycle if you tried.

    1. pursuit geometry frame? and a positive angle stem? defeats the purpose

    2. brooks b-17 saddle? belongs on a classic bike, not some hipsterfixiebro's bike

    3. yellow...

    4. Aerospoke! self-explanatory

  2. Valid point on the positive stem and such but this bike will never see a velo. It's got twice as much rubber then is needed and probably weighs in at around 20-25lbs with that aerospoke and the heavy components. Not exactly a world beater out at the track. Overall I think it's a pretty stylish bike and RLX has always (from what I've seen) added in a non traditional color with more subdued colors so I find it to match up nicely with past projects. I'd give that thing a trashing.