Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DAILY INSPIRATION: Adam Forrester's '79 CX500

1979 CX500

Here's a good example of what just a handful of the right modifications can do for a bike's appearance. The bike is an in-progress build right now. Adam says they are still looking to put some new tires and shocks on, along with getting some more items powdercoated.

The List
- Refashioned and Reupholstered Stock Seat
- Powder-Coated Exhaust, Roll Bars, Tank, and Handle Bars
- 7” Headlight, Turn Signals, and Rear Brake Light from Dime City Cycles
- Custom Rear Bracket for Tag, Brake Light and Turn Signals
- 2.5” Gauges from Dime City Cycles



  1. Beautiful bike - I hope to build one very much like it. I like everything about it, but must say that in the last photo the seat looks larger than the tank. I'm sure it's comfortable and the stitching must give you some grip. Great bike!

  2. I was all about it until the last two pics.

    That seat. ****. So needlessly massive.

  3. this bike has a budunkadunk! a little too much junk in the trunk

  4. fhjghfjdghd seat!

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  6. Hey. What can I say? Baby got back.

    Thanks Everyone.