Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PROJECT SR: Case Cleaning

Last weekend was spent cracking open the motor and assessing wear. With only 10k miles on the clock, everything was still looking pretty fresh, besides a couple of leaky gaskets. Cylinder walls were clean of any scoring and still had visible honing marks. With everything looking good enough to keep, we moved on to aesthetics. First in line would be the casings. The theme of this build will be mainly honest materials and finishes, so instead of paint or plating, we decided to go with a brushed finish.

Looking pretty fresh after 10k.

The first pass was done with a wire brush and drill. There was quite a bit of corrosion to get through.

Old and busted. New hotness.

Kara getting her hands dirty.



  1. Looking great!
    Will it have some coating or something (pardon me if I miss the correct word)? How much time do you think it will last looking good "raw" as it is?
    Waiting for more!

    1. Ivan, I've had good visual results with matte clear coat finishes on brushed metal parts, so I will likely do that with the cases as well.

  2. Nice work man, that looks great!

  3. Hey David,
    I bought i wire brush the other day from HF as I'm wanting to clean up a few parts of my cx500 engine (I'm currently doing the triple bypass plus clutch/oilpump work).

    So you guys are just knocking off the grime with that brush only to where it first starts to shine, right?
    Do you think with all the ridges on a cx engine that this would be a good application?

    Is the clear coat finish just something you can pick up at an Autozone?

    1. Hey Ben,

      Brushing the CX engine is going to be one hell of a chore. I used a wire brush attachment on my drill as step one on the SR covers, then hit it with 180grit sand paper to finsih it off.

      After talking with a friend of mine about the oxidation of aluminum alloy, I don't think I'll be clear coating it after all. Some annual clean up should keep it looking nice.