Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ALERT: A Grievous Angel Stolen!

Here's the word from Mark Hawwa of Sydney Cafe Racers:

It is your worst nightmare. Heading to sleep after a day spent riding your bike with a cool breeze gently tapping your face as the sun shines on you making you feel like this particular day was created for you and your bike. You roll into the garage, park the bike thinking 'I will let you get your rest'. Head upstairs and call it a night. Wake up the next morning to be blessed with another glorious day. You jump out of bed, shower, eat breakfast, throw your leathers on and head downstairs to the garage... Its empty. Its gone. Nothing is there. Your heart drops into your intestines and you feel short of air, you think through all the case scenarios, someone moved it, a mate is hiding it but deep down every part of your body knows 'Its been stolen'.
Member Dan has just gone through the whole situation. It is fresh. It happened this morning. We are hopeful through the growth of SCR we have made it harder to steal, strip and sell parts. We are a family and it is our duty to look after our brothers and sisters. So brothers & sisters keep your eyes peeled! Share the pictures, talk to the spare parts shops and let them know that we are on the look out. Bike parts can still appear for months to years after the crime, so please program this in to the juicy pink thing in your skull and lets get a fellow member back riding with us.

Here are the Details
2003 Yamaha SR400
Stolen from:
A secure lockup last night in Granville, NSW. was spotted being walked down the street by a man but no other details for the witness. it would have been stolen between 1130 and 0330 last night.
Distinctive parts:
Custom Tank, has "D" both sides in gold at rear of tank
Gold anodised motor with polished steel kickstarter
Nitro heads seat
Rear calliper has glue on it where a Deus badge previously was.
Front caliper is a gold anodised Brembo unit
Custom deus half fairing
No damage to bike
If you have any details please contact us at or call Dan on 0432 008 819


  1. I have no idea how it would get to california, but if somehow it does I will keep my eye out.

  2. UPDATE: Local Police have retrieved the bike. More here: