Thursday, September 1, 2011

PROJECT CX: Finally back from paint.

It was a pain staking process, but the CX is finally back from paint.
I'll be working my ass off to try and button her up for the weekend of Sept. 10th.

The girlfriend and I will be taking her out to hang with our Detroit friends, and hit up Dalley in the Alley, The Thunderdrome race, and maybe Ton-Up Ypsi's event as well.

Let us know if you'll be around as well!


  1. NOICE!
    Happy to see that bike back!

  2. I hope the lawyer is making it as nice as you did and I'm glad you're getting it back on the road. One of your photos is on my monitor as a background and a mechanic tuning up a stock 78 cx500 standard he's going to sell me for $800 bucks. I'm going to borrow some of your ideas and a some from others and can't wait to start.
    Best wishes,

  3. That sounds great Adam. Only $100 more then what I got mine for. Mine wasn't tuned up by a mechanic before hand however, so you may have won on that deal. Good luck with the build.