Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GEAR: Gran-Prix Bubble Shield

It took a while, but I finally tracked down a green tinted, NOS, Gran-Prix bubble shield from the 70's.
Lowbrow Customs had a hand full a while back, and Wrenchmonkees seems to have a few in other colors, but the green tint has been quite tricky to locate.

The one below, I sourced from an online shop called El Boneshaker, based in New Zealand.
They've got a few other bubble shields available and are willing to ship worldwide.
Don't expect to find a green tinted one there anymore though. I bought the last one!


  1. Oh, and very, very nice photography!

  2. what helmet is that? looking for a new one and everyone has something different to say.

  3. As mentioned the green one is tricky to located...any ideas who might have one for sale?Cheers

  4. Great stuff, I bought an orange Grand Prix Bubble, looks nice on my Bell RT helmet.