Monday, June 27, 2011

KICKSTART: team badger needs help filming a movie about building a vintage racer

Do you enjoy documentaries about underdog, rag-tag, teams of motorcycle enthusiasts building vintage race bikes to compete against professional race teams? If so, then help Team Badger / Cycle Icons fund the film they are trying to create about building a vintage race bike out of an old Royal Enfield 500.

“Can we build a Royal Enfield Bullet ( which, let’s face it, has a dubious reputation for durability on a good day) that is street legal and registered, yet can go like hell on the track? Asks Leon Stanley. “Can it be made to hold together? Can we do it on a very limited budget and race competitively against well-funded and better pedigreed teams? Can we raise the game even higher? Forgo trailering the bike to and from the track, and ride the damn thing? Truly conjure the spirit of Post-War British motorcycling and club racing?”

"Just to be clear, the funding we are seeking via Kickstarter is just for the film project, with none of those funds going to Cycle Icons, the bike, or the racing. If, however, anybody wants to throw the bike and race program a couple of bucks, I’m all ears. As we say on the Team: “Badgers don’t run on kittens!”
Cheers, Leon"

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