Monday, June 27, 2011

EVENT: mods vs rockers chicago 2011

It's been a week now, and Chicago has mellowed back out since the Mods vs. Rockers show on the 17+18th.
I've been in this city for almost 3 years now, but this was my first time attending the event. The whole weekend was a real blast. I was told the final two wheeled count on Saturday was around the 600 mark. My app failed me yet again in it's prediction that T-Storms would litter the weekend, and the weather turned out to be just about perfect.

My one and only gripe about the weekends events was the poor planning and execution of the "All Access Pass" and event time and location. The girlfriend and I put down the $45 for the aforementioned All Access Pass, yet we found that no one ever verify that you had bought a wrist band, or even knew what they were for. On top of that, the event schedule on the post card fliers was different then the event schedule on Ton Up's website. This lead to some friends of ours who were in town for only 1 night attending the wrong bar and missing the event all together.

I have no quams with supporting such a great event - but if you're taking peoples money, I would hope you could follow through with your half of the deal.

Enough with the ranting and on to the photos.
Photography courtesy of Mayday Scooter

...and the one and only picture of yours truly, rolling into the Ace Motorcycle meet on Friday night. We were having droopy headlight issues, but otherwise she rode like a dream.

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