Thursday, March 28, 2013

MERCH: ID America V8 Gasket Case for iPhone 5

V8 Gasket Case

Inspired by the head gasket of a V8, this molded aluminum case for your iPhone 5 is suede lined and comes with a clear screen protector, installation squeegee and microfiber detail cloth. No need to worry about the color chipping off either:
"The aluminum used for our Gasket V8 is stained with color, meaning that the color is not just a coating, it is absorbed from the inside out."
All colors are stained except the silver variation which is raw aluminum. For us less fortunate people with only one iPhone it's just an Inline 4 case but we can dream can't we? And dream you will, as this case came out a week ago and is already sold out in all color variations. ...Holding out for an update from id America as to when new shipments will arrive. Stay tuned.
UPDATE: "We have just restocked the silver color. The other colors will be available within a week or two."


  1. This is sweet. If Apple continues their phone design evolution as they did from 4s to 5, we'll get be able to get an inline 6 in no time!

  2. V8 sounds better yes, but lets be honest that's inspired by an inline 4.

  3. Where could I get one of these custom gaskets cases? They look really cool.

  4. This case is appealing beyond any doubt and individuals dependably do a double take. Gathering is unaffected on my phone. I have dependably had a feeble signal at home 1 or 2 bars also has not changed. At work around the local area my signal is maxed even with the case. I just say this on the grounds that a couple of remarks composed here say their signal dropped with the case.It gives little assurance to the substance of the phone however does accompany an acceptable spread for front and back.
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