Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NEWS WORTHY: off to the detroit thunderdrome!

 Last year, a group of Detroit-do-gooders decided to put the elbow grease into cleaning up and mildly restoring the outdoor velodrome at Dorais Park in Detroit. Weeds were overgrown and forcing their way through the cracked cement of the 'drome, making it some pretty rugged territory. But if you want to start anything "grassroots" right now, Detroit is the place to do it. Volunteers poured in and helped out cleaning up, and the Detroit Thunderdrome emerged from the ashes ( / years of garbage). 

This Saturday, the 30th, marks the second race on Thunderdrome pavement, and the first of this season. It's a run-what-you-brung style race. There really aren't many restrictions, just categories. If you've got something small with 2 wheels and a motor, come out and put it to the track. Visit the Thunderdrome's homepage for more info.

I try to make it back to Detroit at least a few times a year. This race will likely become one of those annual trips. Hopefully I'll bring back some lovely photos of the race, and possibly some sneak peak shots of the on-going builds of a few Detroit friends.

Looking forward to see you Detroit folk...and some 2-stroke carnage.

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