Friday, April 22, 2011

NEWS WORTHY: the coolest electric city bike?

With gas prices in the states sky rocketing into summer, people are feeling the burn more then ever. I know I am - it's actually one of the reasons I finally pulled the trigger on a bike (my 24 year old BMW takes premium and gets 12 mpg around Chicago...)

Motorcycles are a great substitution for cars, getting 2-3x the MPG's...but they still run on that soon to be $5/gal gas. "So why not get something with 2 wheels that's electric?" says Captain Practical. The vintage bike crowd just isn't the market to "Go Green" by getting onto something with 8" wheels that's covered in plastic and handles like a Big Wheel. The age old rival of mods vs. rockers has seemed to hold true. However there looks to be hope. Brooklyn Motorized may have the remedy to please those vintage, gas conscious, riders looking for some low cost, good looking, and sporty electric transportation around the city.

17" wire wheels, flat tracker seat, single round headlight, a frame inspired by the Feather Bed, and virtually zero plastic? Yea, I'd ride that.

Her range is 35 miles, with a top speed of 60mph. Weight clocks in around 230lbs and she takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge. 

Availability starts in the Summer of 2012, and it'll run you $5,999. Check out Hell For Leather's interview with Jim Carden and Wes Cox of Brooklyn Motorized, and don't forget to cash in on that 10% tax break for being so environmentally conscious you green devil you.

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