Monday, April 25, 2011

MERCH: going postal

Not many things get me more excited then when a package is placed on my desk at work. Mainly because I know it's either BMW/Honda parts, new apparel I impulsively bought off the internet without ever seeing in person, or.....MYSTERY BOX!  <---which was the case today.

Turns out it was my hardcopy of Nathan Millward's Going Postal. Very excite.

If you're in the US, and want a hard copy (Kindle version is available on Amazon), then you'll need to contact Nathan through his personal site, 

He'll even write ya a little something ...

Looks as though the Gauntlet has been thrown...

For more on what the book is about, check out a short write up I did previously here.

The story on Lucky Clothes Pin #136 is that he was using them as box spacers. ...not to say they're not lucky. I've already made mine into a pendant.

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