Monday, April 25, 2011

DAILY INSPIRATION: deus ex machina's "the shank"

...back from the weekend with more goodies. Deus' Bali outfit recently released a custom by the name of "The Shank." The bike was a full on customer vision build. The frame and engine came from a Yamaha SX225, while the front end and swing arm were sourced from a GS 250.

If there's one thing Deus does well, it's scramblers. The wire wheels and Firestone ANS tires really help to set the aesthetic. 
Deus has a very skilled craftsman by the name of Bagio that hand sculpts a lot of their tanks. A beautifully primal process - he sits on the ground Indian style, with a hammer and blow torch, and bangs these things into fruition. You can read more on Bagio's work  here.

For more photos and info on the Shank, head on over to Deus' Bali Blog.

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