Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DAILY INSPIRATION: anvil motociclette cb750

Below is one of the first builds to come out of Anvil Motociclette's Italian based garage. The bike is a CB750 at heart, nicknamed Selvatica - Italian for "wild." Designers / Builders San Marco Filios and Alessandro Phonz Fontanesi meant for this bike to embody the feeling they received after mounting their very first motorcycles back at a young age.

Marco describes that the main feeling behind the bike should be stripped and bare - a very minimalist and Italian approach. The choked up forks and blacked out shocks serve up quite an appealing stance. 

 The bent steel fender, fairing and seat pan also provide a very raw aesthetic - however I'm not sure how comfortable that could be. Marco, having been an art director and tailored apparel designer, seems to suffer from the Designer Philosophy most of us are plagued with - Form Over Function.

For more information on these builders and what they're up to, visit their blog, or view the recent interview hosted on Pipeburn.

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