Wednesday, July 17, 2013

TRIP PREP: Shinko 705 Dual Sport Tires

Making some updates to the CX500 in preparation for our camping trip around Lake Michigan come August 3rd. First stage is better performing rubber. I've been riding on these Shinko 705's for a couple weeks now and they're just worlds better then the Dunlop K70's. They just fall into corners so effortlessly and grip like hell. 

Front: 110/80-19
Rear: 120/80-18


  1. Gotta agree. Put the very same treads on my cx500 2 months ago and love them. plus they look meaty as hell.

  2. agreed. I much prefer this look and the bars to boot. what is with the tl in the front and tt in the rear. I took off the old front tire on my cx and it had a tube in it. Do these new shinko's need tubes? WTF. I can't find it on google.

  3. First off, love the build. Second, I have a 81 cx500 d with a 16inch rear rim. What are yours? I'd like to get shinko 705s but they don't make them for 16inch rims

    1. Looking for some dual sporty tires for my bike (exact same model as yours). From what I have read finding a 16" read dual sport is pretty hard. The only lead I have found is a Tube type 60%/40% Duro HF904.

      Seems like a lot of people going to dual sport route end up just getting an 18" rear rim.