Friday, April 1, 2016


1985 Honda CBX750

When most people hear CBX they likely think of the 6 cylinder, 1050cc 100hp mythical creature Honda built between '78-'82. But hidden somewhere in the shadow of it's big brother existed the CBX750F. F for four cylinders. F for four valves per cylinder. F for Fuuuuuuuck yes. This bike put down 93hp, only 7hp less than it's behemoth brother. Oh, and it's 120lbs lighter. You read that right. 480lbs to the 1050's 600lbs dry weight.
Later models of the CBX came in full 80's flare, including dual square headlights, angular fairings and some rad stripy graphics packages. I came across this killer specimen via Sam Christmas' photography. Sam shot everything here. The bike belongs to Some Kind Of Nature who made some very tasteful modifications while keeping the 80's alive.

SKON had a new subframe built that kicked up higher than the original to give it a more aggressive rake. 7 inches were taken out of the subframe length turning it into a single seater. The fairings and seat were reworked accordingly. The tail section was cleaned up by removing the rear fender assembly and the electronics were relocated inside an aluminum box within the tail section. A stiffer shock was sourced for the rear and an inverted front end from an Aprilia was grafted up front. The airbox was removed giving way to some pod filters and a high-flow muffler to increase her breathing. Just the right amount of modification to create that OEM+ look.


  1. If you had a dyno, you would know that removing the stock airbox and installing pods would take away about 8 hp from this 750 engine.