Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DAILY INSPIRATION: Garage Project Motorcycles' Honda CX500 Cafe

#7 Morning Wood
Honda CX500 Custom Cafe

Some amazing CX500's have been popping up over the past year, but this one from Garage Project Motorcycle's is one of my favorite. "Morning Wood" is built off of the CX500 Custom platform, so you'll notice the peanut style tank and rounded off side panels. The seat and tail section are a custom job and I really like the way they've integrated the tail light into the seat fairing.

Here's more of the low down from Rex Havoc of GPM,
  • Engine was left stock as were carbs and airbox.
  • Wrapped the stock headers and attached mufflers off a Harley Sportster.
  • Lowered the front forks as low as they'd go.
  • Chopper headlight from Lowbrow Customs.
  • Bought a red faced Daytona speedo for the bike but Brett wanted to use one he had lying around instead.
  • Ace bars and Kung Fu grips from Dime City/Biltwell.
  • Tank is from the CX Custom as are the side covers.
  • Seat unit is custom made.
  • Painted the stock wheels and fitted 3.5" at the front and 4" Firestone Deluxe at the back
  • Indicators are from Dime City.

"Budget was tiny so we kept it very raw, very basic. It goes, it stops, it puts a smile on the owners face and it makes old people shake their heads. We've got another CX that we'll go to town on later in the year."
If this is basic then I can't wait to see the next CX roll out. Great work guys!


  1. Just amazing. These guys are as great as their bikes.

  2. One of the most beautiful bikes I've seen.

  3. are the forks from a 650? my cx has a single disk in the front. i'm starting a build this winter and am looking for options to get 2 in the front and keep the mag wheels

  4. cx500 all have double diskes at the front, you sure its a cx-fork?