Monday, February 29, 2016

HUSQY570: Frame Alterations

When I first set out to look for a new personal ride the idea was minimal modification so I could get some miles in before the cold hit. Then I broke my wrist on a mild low side and things done changed. A month long project turned into a winter project and with that much time on my hands I decided to revisit what the bike could be. 
I started roughing things in, like this 70's CR360 tank. The aggressive slope to the backbone meant new mounts to get the tank level. This placement was close but I still wasn't happy with the gap between the tank and neck. I wanted it raised up a bit too so the top of the tank was aligned with the top of the fork tubes.

I decided to panel in the negative space in the frame while also creating new mounting points. All the tabs and mounting points in that area got shaved. I mocked up a couple templates from galvanized until they fit the way I wanted then recreated them out of 16G. 

Tacked the panels in place. Everything will get stitched up after all the frame modifications are tacked in.

The holes cut out will be for running the cables and loom under the tank. New fitment below. That faux-backbone holding up the rear of the tank is just a placeholder. The final will be integrated into the bolt-on subframe. 

Next up were the bolt on subframe mounts. I picked up a JD2 TN-100 Pipe Notcher that I used to notch out some solid stock I'm turning into frame bungs. I'll use it to notch out the subframe tubing as well.

Something like that. 
I hit up Daniel Peter (his XR in the background) to bore out the lugs for me on his lathe. Check out the natural light in this space! A wall of windows is top priority for my next shop. 

Ran a tap through the lugs and tacked them in place. I'll start building the subframe next.

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