Friday, November 6, 2015

GEAR: Pack Animal Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Live on Kickstarter

Mike and Jenny Linquist aren't the Gore-Tex and Hi-Vis type. They don't care about UV-treated ballistic nylon, wicking polyester or reflective piping. Like many of us, they choose to travel on vintage motorcycles for a deeper connection to the machine and environment. It's a connection that seems to be in the cross-hairs of modern gear manufacturers. So when they came up short on their search for motorcycle luggage that fit their lifestyle they decided to develop their own. The duo teamed up with Chris Hansen, previously of Filson, to create Pack Animal luggage. I've seen these bags in action on our Montana trip and have been to their prototyping lair. These guys aren't cutting a single corner, and because of that, these bags can take a serious beating.
The saddle bags attach via leather straps which allows them to adapt to almost any vintage bike without a proprietary rack system. Constructed of waxed twill, canvas and thick leather, they wear their patina like a well oiled baseball mit. Their startup is live right now on Kickstarter with some rad pledge rewards, including the tool wrap below. Go put some air in their tires.


  1. I assume those big metal buckles, clips and loops won't scratch any paint. Or maybe, on the "right" bike, scratches would add to its appeal.

  2. I would love to read some feedback...or perhaps a youtube review, before I plunk my money down....I am intrigued though!