Friday, June 12, 2015

SHOP: Piston & Chain San Francisco

Motorcycle Clubhouse
San Francisco, CA 
Piston & Chain in San Francisco is the membership based motorcycle clubhouse you wish existed in your city. There are several different membership tiers starting at $50/month, ranging from "pop-in and use the tools" to extended project and storage plans. There's a community tools wall, kitchen, long term storage bins, hydraulic lifts and rolling benches at your disposal as a user. One member's collection of enviable vintage European race bikes can be seen displaying on the top shelf around the shop. Towards the back of the shop a chalkboard event wall lists off weekly activities and lectures such as "The Art of Troubleshooting" presented by members and community pros. They currently have close to 250 active members and say reserving space is still very accessible...which is easy to believe when every day is sunny and 70 with a cool breeze. 

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