Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DAILY INSPIRATION: Seaweed & Gravel 1980 Honda CB750F "Mean Mister Mustard"

"Mean Mister Mustard"
1980 Honda CB750F

"The mono shock was donated from a ZR750, and after doing some math was mounted on the reinforced frame and swing arm. The front end was lowered 1.5in (38mm) with a fork brace added. To better follow the new lines on the bike, the tank was raised and new mounts were made. The extra space under the tank houses the electrical components with a new custom harness tying then together. Allowing the motor to breathe better with Uni filters and 4-1 exhaust with a reverse cone muffler proved the clutch to be a weak link. Beefier plates and springs were added to handle the additional power. We raised the pegs and used tracker handlebars to adjust the riding position for the stance and improved geometry. Deciding on the paint design proved to be a difficult decision. After many ideas and renderings we landed on a matte desert tan and gloss black. We are very happy with the results and it is incredibly fun to ride. Its maiden run was up the famous Palomar Mountain and well surpassed our expectations."
- Brady Young, Seaweed & Gravel

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