Monday, May 11, 2015

ART&DESIGN: Tinycup Needleworks Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery

Words by Kara

Britt "Hutch" Hutchinson of Tinycup Needleworks attended our Parts & Labor Day ride last summer and grew up riding on the back of her father’s bike. As she says it, “the moto community has a dear place in my heart,” but this feature isn't really about motorcycles. 
Hutch started embroidery about a year ago with the encouragement of her friends, one of whom I had the pleasure of befriending this winter at the Mama Tried Show. Shortly thereafter I came across the Tinycup Instagram and fell in love with her work. Besides her obvious artistic talent, romantic flare, clean lines, and style; I appreciate the inspiration that her tiny stitches bring. We can all pick up a new form of creative expression (whether it’s a needle or a wrench) as long as we stay curious and willing to learn.

Photo of Hutch by Meg Noe


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